‚ÄčTour Texas Wine


Corporate Outings and Company events

Tour Texas Wine offers many options for Corporate Events and Company Outings in the Hill country Wine Region.

We are able to pick up your employees in San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas and tailor a wine tasting experience that suits your groups needs.

We have relationships with the wineries that allow us to provide a wide range of options for your group.

Tour Texas Wine can arrange for lunch at a winery bistro or boxed lunches.  Many wineries have indoor and outdoor spaces that can accommodate a meeting while on your wine tour.

We also have catering and bistro packages with lunch and upscale dinner options.

A wine tour is a great way to boost the morale of your employees.

Wine as a Teachable moment.

The wine industry touches on all aspects of business.  Wineries engage in production, distribution, consumer interaction, crafting a brand perception, ecommerce and so much more. 

A wine tour can be a great way to see which wineries have mastered these elements and those that may not excel at every metric.

After your company outing you may want to have discussions with your employees about their perceptions of the various wineries.  The relaxed nature of a corporate wine tour can help foster creativity while subtly encouraging  your team members to identify areas of improvement within their own company.